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Two Guys & A Dream

We are just two guys with a hobby and a dream. We love Rc vehicles, no matter what they may be, but we especially love racing those vehicles. So, we figured that we would open a Rc hobby shop, with an all year round, dirt, racing track. There are not many places to go and race on a dirt track, let alone one with a good shop. We are on a mission to bring exactly that to the Muncie, In. area.   

What We Would Like to Race

1/8th Scale Buggy's & Truggy's (Stock & Modified, 2wd & 4wd)

1/10th Scale Buggy's, Stadium Trucks, & Short Course Trucks (Stock & Modified, 2wd & 4wd)

1/16th Scale Mini "T" & Mini "B" & Similar Models

Stock Slash 2wd & 4wd  

We will also have 3 different classes

Juniors 15 years and younger

Amateur 16 years and older

Masters 40 years and older


If a racer shows the ability to race with control and respect for the other racers in a higher class. That racer may be allowed to race in the higher class, with the consent of the race official.

Other plans in the Works (Oval Track)​

With the building we bought, came a good amount of land. Once construction of the first off road track and hobby shop are finalized and we are in operation. We will see how business goes and if we have the funds to build another track. We keep hearing that there are alot of people who like to race dirt oval around this area. And we of course want to give the rc racers what they want. So, we are also thinking of building an outdoor, dirt, oval track. There is enough room for a 80' x 60' oval, maybe even a little bigger. We will keep you updated. Also, on opening night we will have a questionnaire we would like people to fill out. It will ask what you prefer to race, scale, buggy, truggy, 2wd or 4wd, electric/ nitro, things like this. It will help us decide what races, vehicles, days, and products we carry on hand. Races and days will also be influenced by other tracks races and days. We don't want to run the same races on the same days, if possible. We want our patrons to have fun, have what they need, and most importantly want to keep racing.  

Other plans in the Works 2 ( Crawler Course )

Due to the high demand for a crawler course, we are starting plans to put a 10' by 20' course in the back corner. We are going to be working with a couple of people who build crawler courses. We will meet with them over the next couple of weeks to get a design done and figure out a budget. Once we get this nailed down, we will begin construction. Stop by and chat with us if you are a crawler and give us some input on what you would like to see on the course. Also, what you would need for your crawlers in the shop.


Our Crew

  James K Maxwell        Shaun M Wassel

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